Choosing a caregiver for someone you love is an important decision and the task of finding a qualified, dependable and legal Caregiver can be a challenge and overwhelming.

Please take a moment to review the advantages and benefits of hiring Custom Home Care. We think you will agree that allowing us to become your trusted partner during this life changing time will provide you peace of mind and help to insure that your home care experience will be as stress free and successful as possible.

Advantages of Hiring Custom Home Care Ensures

  • Caregiver professional and personal references are thoroughly checked
  • Caregivers are fingerprinted and backgrounds are screened through the Illinois state police
  • Caregivers are covered under Custom Home Care’s workmen’s compensation
  • All Caregivers are our employees and State/Federal taxes are paid through Custom
  • All Caregivers are trained per Illinois Depart Public Health and Custom Home Care guidelines
  • All Caregivers attend mandatory Alzheimers/Dementia training.
  • Physical exams and TB screenings are required for employment
  • All Caregivers are legal to work in the U.S.
  • All Caregivers speak English
  • We match Caregivers to the client/family according to specific needs and abilities
  • Home care costs can generally be written off on your tax returns
  • Home care costs, through Custom Home Care, are covered under Long Term Care insurance

Additional Benefits of Hiring Custom Home Care

  • Owned and operated by registered nurses since 1994
  • Custom Home Care nurse available for evaluations
  • Client status/progress is evaluated and reported by our nurse
  • Caregiver interviews are prearranged by Custom Home Care staff.
  • Replacements/fill-ins are promptly managed through Custom Home Care
  • ACH payments can be made directly from your bank account bi-weekly
  • Customer service is our agency’s specialty

Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Private Caregiver

  • Private Caregivers are your employees and you are responsible for taxes and insurance.
  • If a private Caregiver is injured at your home it is your responsibility.
  • You cannot control who works with you or your loved one if your Caregiver is off or becomes ill.
  • What if an unacceptable Caregiver is sent as a replacement without your knowledge?
  • Who will supervise the Caregiver?  Discipline them if needed?  Terminate them if needed?
  • What if your parent is a victim of financial, emotional or even physical abuse?