According to Jennifer Adams Avila, a certified dementia practitioner and executive director at Custom Home Care, a home nursing agency based in Chicago, one of the biggest advantages of Lifestation is the fall detection optional add-on feature. “The beauty of the fall detection technology of Lifestation is that it’s a passive response to an emergency situation,” she explains. “A quick response time can drastically improve an older adult’s chance of recovery and can even be the difference between life and death.” She notes that this feature is especially helpful because many older adults are unable to use the button in life-threatening emergencies or simply don’t want to because they don’t want to bother anyone.

She also notes that the luxury option for the pendant is another potential advantage. “Baby boomers have the money and resources to select adaptive equipment that works with their personal aesthetic,” says Adams Avila. “Lifestation has an option of a pendant that looks like a piece of jewelry rather than the standard utilitarian alert systems we have used in the industry for decades. It’s more likely that older adults will use an attractive device more consistently, which is key to the effectiveness of any emergency response system.”

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