For many seniors, remembering to take daily medications represents a big challenge. Or, even if they remember to take their pills, there’s the question of knowing what dosage to grab. Will they take too much? Not enough? This is where having medication reminder services for seniors in Chicago can come in handy.

When someone else steps in to take the responsibility of providing pill reminders for seniors, you don’t have to worry about whether or not certain prescriptions have been taken or not. You can rest easy that medications are remembered and taken as they should — so you’re free to stay in the familiar home environment where you’re most comfortable.

How Our Medication Reminders for the Elderly Work 

Wouldn’t it be great to know someone’s looking out for you, to make sure you take what you need? If you or your loved one chooses to get our medication reminders for seniors, you enjoy a weekly service where a nursing provider becomes your advocate. This individual comes to fill prescription reminder boxes, as well as to follow up with contacting prescribers about getting refills as needed. As part of providing a medicine reminder for elderly patients, the caregiver also deals with a lot of the red tape that goes into getting orders filled and refilled, saving the patient a great deal of frustration.

Why Choose Custom Home Care

In business since 1994, Custom Home Care is the area’s leading, experienced, skilled resource for getting custom home care services tailored to your needs. From pill reminders for the elderly to companionship services to light housekeeping support, all our services revolve around helping seniors stay comfortable and independent in the home. We offer a friendly staff of professional caregivers, flexible schedules and the freedom that comes from no long-term contracts. Reach out to us anytime to talk about your specific situation, so we can craft a service plan that’s perfect for you!